-- Office of Science and Technology Policy provides updates on national smart city efforts--

--Global Smart Cities Conference “By Cities, For Cities” Hosted in Dallas in 2017, Charlotte in 2018--

--Dallas Innovation District to Encompass Civic, Corporate and Startup Innovation--

DALLAS, TX, September 26, 2016 Today, the Dallas Innovation Alliance (DIA), a 501(c)(3) Public-Private Partnership dedicated to the development and execution of a multi-phased smart city strategy for Dallas, unveiled new initiatives through an announcement released by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) at Smart Cities Week in Washington DC. Dallas was honored to be included in three items highlighted, including a first of its kind event collaboration, the formal launch of the Dallas Innovation District, and participation as a founding partner of the City of New York’s national coalition of cities dedicated to ensuring the responsible and equitable deployment of smart city technologies.

“We are honored that for the second straight year, the White House has included Dallas’ initiatives amongst the amazing work being done by cities all across the country,” stated Jennifer Sanders, Executive Director of the Dallas Innovation Alliance. “It is through the support and commitment of our partners throughout the City of Dallas, leading civic organizations, corporations and citizens, that we can ensure the success of our mission to create a smart city and increased quality of life for our citizens. The future is bright, and we look forward to sharing that vision and experiences next year in Dallas alongside cities around the globe.”

The Dallas Innovation Alliance and Envision Charlotte are announcing “By Cities, For Cities,” a new collaboration that will bring cities together from around the globe over the next two years to workshop steps to become smarter, more sustainable and efficient. Convening in Dallas, Texas in 2017 and Charlotte, North Carolina in 2018, the conferences will feature city officials sharing their perspective with peers about lessons learned regarding what works, what to avoid, how to get started, and how to define success. Dates will be announced this fall. Please visit for more information and updates.

Dallas will be launching the Dallas Innovation District in downtown Dallas' West End neighborhood, focused on bringing together civic, corporate, and startup innovation efforts through a single district-level testbed. This collaboration will bring together the Dallas Innovation Alliance's Smart Cities Living Lab, the Dallas Entrepreneur Center’s efforts to seed new startups, and new innovation initiatives from corporations in the technology, banking and healthcare sectors. Initial corporate innovation partners will be announced later this fall. Please visit for more details in the coming weeks.

The Dallas Innovation Alliance’s Living Lab continues to progress toward its launch before the end of 2016, and cannot wait to unveil the smart city experience for Dallasites. As one of AT&T’s first spotlight cities, the DIA benefits from the support of AT&T’s smart cities alliance and is grateful to work alongside AT&T at the forefront of smart cities innovation. The DIA will soon begin implementation of initial projects in the West End, focused on smart infrastructure, smart mobility and connected living. The West End living lab will help anchor the Dallas Innovation District, providing a critical mass of the resources, infrastructure and creative talent that accelerates entrepreneurship, economic development and research & development.


“As a smart cities leader, we’re using our IoT expertise, network investments, strong relationships with the developer community, as well as our strategic alliances with leading technology companies to develop and deploy transformative smart city solutions that will help improve the lives of citizens,” said Mike Zeto, General Manager and Executive Director, AT&T Smart Cities. “Dallas is one of the first cities that mobilized a strong public-private collaboration, and we remain committed to using our smart cities framework to help the Dallas Innovation Alliance deliver the smart city experience across the region.” 

The Dallas Innovation Alliance’s key partners have shown forward-thinking leadership and dedication to the mission of the DIA, led by Foundational Partner AT&T, Pivotal Partner Cisco, Lead Partner Current, Powered by GE, Partners AECOM and Universal Mind, and Lead Community Partner United Way of Metropolitan Dallas. Through the support and collaboration of its members, the DIA is committed to advancing transformative change in the city of Dallas while increasing the domestic and global profile of the great innovators and ideas that reside in Dallas.

Dallas also announced its participation as a founding member in the City of New York’s creation of a national coalition of cities dedicated to ensuring the responsible and equitable deployment of smart city technologies. The alliance was forged with three primary goals: (1) provide a common framework to help governments develop and expand policies and procedures related to the Internet of Things; (2) ensure openness and transparency regarding the use of public space or assets for smart city solutions that; and (3) advance the public dialogue about how government, the private sector and academic partners can maximize the public benefit derived from these solutions. Towards these ends, the founding members, which include Austin, Boston, Cambridge, Dallas, Greenville, Kansas City, Louisville, New York, Pittsburgh and Seattle, have committed to a common set of guiding principles which emphasize privacy, security, sustainability, resilience, equity and efficiency.

About the Dallas Innovation Alliance

The Dallas Innovation Alliance (DIA) is a public-private partnership dedicated to the design and execution of a smart cities plan for the City of Dallas, leveraging social and technological infrastructure to accelerate sustainable economic growth, resource efficiency, and importantly, improve the quality of life for its citizens. DIA’s overarching goal is to elevate Dallas as a city that is not only prepared for, but a driving force in shaping, the future of cities, and providing opportunities for prosperity for its citizens. Its mission is to develop a scalable smart cities model for the City of Dallas that leverages the region’s distinctive strengths and leaves a legacy of innovation, sustainability and collaboration for future generations. In December 2015, Dallas was selected as one of 10 cities in the inaugural Envision America program, which was announced at the White House in September 2015.


DIA support is led by Foundational Partner AT&T, Pivotal Partner Cisco, Lead Partner Current, Powered by GE, Partners AECOM and Universal Mind, and Lead Community Partner United Way of Metropolitan Dallas. Partners of the Dallas Innovation Alliance include: City of Dallas, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau, Dallas Entrepreneur Center (DEC), Dallas Regional Chamber, Dallas 2030 District, Downtown Dallas Inc., The Real Estate Council (TREC), Texas Research Alliance, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, CIVIQ Smartscapes, Deloitte, Ericsson, IBM, Itron, Microsoft, Schneider Electric, Xerox, and World Wide Technology. For more information, please visit


Media Contact

Jennifer Sanders, Executive Director, Dallas Innovation Alliance